Price List

  • conclusion of a written agreement with the debtor * – EUR 70.00
  • issuance of a statement on the amount of debt ** – EUR 10.00
  • issuance of a confirmation of debt payment ** – EUR 10.00
  • redemption of a commercial pledge – EUR 10.00
  • issuance of documents substantiating the obligation to the debtor, if they must be at the disposal of the debtor ** – EUR 7.00

The commission fee shall be transferred to the current account of SIA “GS Core” credit institution AS “Citadele banka”, account No.LV04PARX0023833350001. The requested documents will be issued upon receipt of payment.

* the commission for concluding a written agreement applies to any agreement, settlement, renewal, debt forgiveness and debt restructuring that is concluded with the debtor in cases where the performance of the agreement is secured by a mortgage on real estate or in which the debt balance is decided upon the sale of real estate, as well as in any atypical case when the company’s lawyers prepare or agree on the document to be signed.

** the commission fee is applicable for one statement (confirmation), regardless of the number of debtor’s cases (agreements) indicated in the statement (confirmation). If the debtor wants separate certificates (confirmations) for each case (contract) separately, then the commission fee shall be paid for each statement (confirmation). Oral information on the amount of debt is provided free of charge.

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